Executive Team

Executive Team


Michael N. Rosenblut
President and Chief Executive Officer
Member since: 2003


Colleen Ariola
Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services
Member since: 2005

Dr. Igor Israel
Chief Medical Officer
Member since: 2011


Robert Werner
Executive Vice President for Operations/Chief Financial Officer
Member since: 2007


John Brown
Vice President, Human Resources
Member since: 2015

Kathy D 1

Kathleen Darmstadt
Vice President, Finance
Member since: 2007


Larry Galante
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Member since: 2010

Lorraine Breuer 2

Lorraine Breuer
Senior Vice President – Nerken Center For Research and Grants
Member since: 1999


Lina Scacco
Vice President, Corporate Engagement
Member since: 2013

John-Anthony Bruno
Vice President, Development
Member since: 2021

Henriette Kole
Vice President, Administration
Member since: 2021

Kathryn Santos
Assistant Vice President, Quality Management
Member since: 2021

Rachel Dalton
Assistant Vice President, Business Development
Member since: 2020