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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have many questions about the services of the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation. This section of our website is designed to answer some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

We also know that you may have questions not answered by this section. If so, we encourage you to contact our Admissions Counselors at 718-289-2163 or 718-289-2164, Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm or call 1-877-PARKER3 during evenings or weekends. If you have clinical concerns, please call 718-289-2226.

You may contact us by sending an email to info@parkerinstitute.org, or by filling in the form below.

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How do I know if Parker is "right" for me or a loved one?
Call our Admissions Counselors at 718-289-2163 or 718-289-2164, Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm.

When can my loved one be admitted?
Parker offers same-day admission, including evenings, 7 days a week. Rapid assessments are made on-site, online, or via fax (718-289-2121). To start admissions now, click here.

Can Parker help schedule a medical/nursing evaluation?
Yes. Call 718-289-2163 or 718-289-2164, Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm.

Where is the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation?
Parker is located in New Hyde Park, New York, at the Queens/Nassau border. Our main building is on the same campus as Long Island Jewish Medical Center, off Lakeville Road, between Union Turnpike and Marcus Avenue. Parker is easy to reach by auto, rail or bus, and has its own parking lot. For directions and maps, click here.

Is Parker a "licensed" facility?
The Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation is licensed by the New York State Department of Health.

What types of insurance does Parker accept?
Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, private pay and many private insurance plans are accepted for various programs. You must check each program.

How do I know if I (or a loved one) qualify for Medicare or Medicaid?
Call Parker's Admissions Counselors at 718-289-2163, Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm.

Does Parker accept people who live out of New York State?
Yes. Call Admissions Counselors at 718-289-2163, or toll free at

Does Parker treat people of different backgrounds and ages, as well as non-English speaking people?
Admissions to the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation are open to individuals without regard to race, religion, color, creed, national origin, language, sex, age, disability, or source of payment.

Does Parker serve Kosher food?
Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation offers Kosher-style dining and, upon request, Strictly Glatt Kosher cuisine.

Kosher meals are prepared in a separate, new Glatt Kosher kitchen, located on the premises, under the strict religious supervision of Rabbi Avrohom Friedlander. All Kosher foods are Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel, and all ingredients are from the strictest Hashgochos. Kosher meals are served in specially prepared individual trays with Kosher seals and certifications.

The Kosher-style cuisine offers the broad variety of dishes that are commonly available and enjoyed in the communities of greater New York, and reflects the melting pot of American culture. Kosher-style cuisine offered at Parker has certain popular similarities to Kosher food --no pork products or shellfish are offered, and meat and dairy products are not served together. “We introduced Kosher-style dining in order to increase the variety of dining options, and meet the contemporary tastes of the diversity of populations we currently serve,” said Parker’s President and CEO, Michael N. Rosenblut. “Located at the Queens-Nassau County border,” Mr. Rosenblut added, “Parker is central to the most culturally diverse area in the nation, where families of all backgrounds are long accustomed to the varied menu we now offer.”

More than ever, dining at Parker provides an appetizing array of comfort foods and special dishes that enhance meal satisfaction and appeal, while maintaining the high quality and concern for nutrition, for which Parker and its staff are known.

Can Parker help "restore" my strength?
Parker is New York's leader in restorative therapy for adults. See short term / sub-acute care / post-acute care rehabilitation.

Is Parker's short term rehabilitation program/sub-acute care program appropriate for adults under 65 years of age?
Yes. Many choose Parker to take advantage of the Institute's depth of experience and unique approach that fosters independence and rapid return to home.

Does Parker have its own medical staff?
Yes. Doctors are present 7 days a week.

Are mental health services available?
A wide range of mental health services is available to residents, patients and their families.

Does Parker provide care for individuals with complicated medical problems?
Yes. In fact, Parker is among the top choices in the treatment of medically complex adults.

Can we receive Parker's health care services at home?
Yes. Parker offers a comprehensive long term home health care program for residents of Queens, Nassau and Brooklyn.

Does Parker offer day care help for frail elderly or disabled persons?
Parker offers a unique social adult day care program for the frail elderly and those with early dementia.

How can I help support Parker's programs and services for older adults?
Click here or call 718-289-2143.

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