About Parker


Admissions to Parker are made easy for individuals and their families, as well as health care and human services professionals.

We offer same-day admission, including evenings, 7 days a week.
Rapid assessments are made on-site, online, or via fax (718-289-2121).

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A Concierge program helps ease the transition for new admissions from a hospital or from home to our health care facility. Concierge nurses meet new patients and residents at the door, orient them to the Institute and its services, visit regularly for the first five days, and help resolve any issues that may arise. When family members leave newly admitted loved ones at Parker, they can rest comfortably in the knowledge that someone is always there to provide the warmest and best care.

Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, private pay and many private insurance plans are accepted.

Admissions Telephone Numbers

Short Term Rehabilitation / Sub-Acute Care / Post-Acute Care
718-289-2163, 718-289-2164 or 516-247-6500 ext. 2163 or 2164

Nursing Home/Long Term Care
718-289-2163 or 718-289-2164

Parker on Madison - Social Adult Day Care
718-289-2105 or 516-247-6500 ext. 2105

Dialysis (The Queens-Long Island Renal Institute, Inc.)

Home Health Care
718-289-2700 or 516-586-1500

718-289-2800 or 516-586-1575

After 7pm weekdays and on weekends, call 1-877-PARKER3 or complete our admissions form now and Parker's Admissions will contact you within 24 hours..

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Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy: Admissions to Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation Programs are open to individuals without regard to race, color, creed, natural origin, sex, age, disability, or source of payment. For complete information, contact the Social Work Services Department, Division of Admissions, at 718-289-2164.

Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation
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